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Minnesota Fishing December 2017
An update from the DNR

DNR Reminder - Using hydraulic jets to clear sediment or excavate the lake bottom is illegal.
An article from the EchoPress

Ice Out: March 31st, 2017
Follow the link for ice out dates since 1987 as recorded by Jon Stone.
Updated Water Quality Info
The lake vegetation survey report and information on phosphorus/chlorophyll levels.
Fall 2016

Archived Announcements

A loon story from John Stone - 4/18/17

After lunch today I went and put out our loon nest. While I was doing so a pair of loons were watching about 50 yards away. I pulled away and within 5 minutes they were swimming around the nest. Soon one got up on the nest followed by the other. I pulled up a little closer but I could only see one of the loons. Shortly it stood up, flapped its wings, let out a big loon call and jumped into the water. Then I could see the other one low on the nest. Once in a lifetime. Now we will have to wait to find out if it is her nest or his platform.

Lobster Lake is located just west of Alexandria, Minnesota.

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This site provides you with information regarding Lobster Lake and Douglas County. Activities, seminars and other educational information regarding lakes and the environment will also be posted here.

Bonnie Huettl - Lobster Lake Association President



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